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Introducing the Revolutionary BugFree® System and Injector2® piping method of delivering pesticide for the control of insects and termites.

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The BugFree® patented method is the result of over 12 years of research, development and testing with thousands of systems already installed by leading homebuilders for satisified homeowners.
Environmentally safe and will save you time and money over conventional pest management.

The BugFree® and Injector2® systems are your best line of defense to keep pests from your home.

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Installation of Injector2 Piping
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The Problem

Ants, termites, spiders, roaches, scorpions and other insects enter your home and buildings through small holes in the crack where your stem and slab meet. Insects come up from around plumbing pipes and other protrusions thru the slab and crawl under base-plates from outside walls to enter your home. They even climb up the outside sheeting of exterior walls to your attic then crawl down the inside walls to enter your living space. Termites and other insects only need a 1/64th inch gap to enter your home.

Traditional treatment is to spray poisonous pesticides inside homes and buildings and around the outside of the structures. We already know according to EPA, American Lung Association, and just about every leading professional that poisonous chemicals are extremely toxic and dangerous to us, our families, and Pets.

Spraying any type of poisonous toxic chemicals around your family, pets, furniture, food and any other home items makes no sense especially since leading health professionals contribute pesticide contamination of our indoor air as a leading contributor to half (50%) of all illness in America.


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The Solution

Injector2® Piping is a healthier, greener, more modern way to deliver pesticides. It was developed to keep poisonous pesticides out of our indoor air by placing the chemicals in the most sensible place; right where bugs (insects) enter from below the ground or around the outside of a structure.

Injector2® Piping can be placed most anywhere and in any type of structure - homes, schools, hospitals, food establishments and commercial buildings. It can be installed in, under, around, and most anywhere you can not reach or have access in order to deliver a pesticide to control insects.


During new construction, before the concrete slab is poured, homebuilders, construction contractors, and even homeowners can quickly install Injector2® Piping. The Injector2® Piping should be installed under the slab for new construction. The piping will be attached to a service port conveniently mounted on the exterior of the home. The system may be serviced anytime needed from one outside location quickly and simply.

Certified Healthy Home® Technicians will assist you in every step.

Do You Want to Learn More?

Would you like to learn more about how the BUGFREE® HOME SYSTEM  can protect your home from ants, termites, spider, roaches, scorpions and other insect pests. We have completed a series of video that explain the system and the benefits you will receive when you have the BUGFREE® HOME SYSTEM installed on your home or building. We will even help you find a Certified Healthy Home® Technician to assist you in installation.

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50 Year Warranty
Exclusive 50 Year Limited Warranty
by Healthy Home® Association

The exclusive 50 Year Limited Warrenty offered by Healthy Home® Association provides that extra layer of confidence and peace of mind for the homeowner against a termite or insect penetration. If an occurance does occur, our experienced certified technicians will eradicate the infestation.  See the warranty for details and limitations. 

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The BugFree system is a the most efficient and cost effective way to take charge of insect and termite control. You're supported with a state licensed technician that can assist you most anytime needed for any termite /insect problem (subject to service fee and available in your area.) We or our technicians cannot make any unconditional guarantee that you will not have bugs, etc. Bugs can walk in the front door. System use is subject to restrictions, state and local codes. Our eco-friendly solution is commercial grade but may not always have the control/ kill power of stronger more powerful commercial grade poisonous chemicals. Only our licensed technician's are authorized to service or administer any type of product through the Injector2e piping. It is a Violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. We have on file your piping length, etc. call 405-410-1837 or go to www.bugfreeSystem.com